Introducing Duo

Duo™ is the first and only integrated game device in the world to work with iPad.

Duo is ready to go as soon as it’s placed on top of the iPad!

Duo combines innovative technology and family fun,
making it possible to play a multi-person game,
like Yoomi, on the iPad.

Please note: You MUST HAVE Duo to play Yoomi on your iPad.

Go to to find out about more apps for Duo coming soon!

Yoomi Quiz Time

Are you a daredevil risk taker or a thoughtful adventurist?

Take the Yoomi quiz to find out!

How To Play

Playing Yoomi with Duo on your iPad is as easy as 1-2-3!

Coming Soon

Yoomi™ is a fun new family game about choices that you play on your iPad using Duo™!